Kids BJJ Classes

kidbjjKids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes are held every Tuesday from 4:45 pm
St Phillips Church , Kensington, London. (Lower Hall)

To get your child involved CLICK HERE to Book a TRIAL or to Secure them a space.

Top 10 Reasons for Kids to Join Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes:

  1. Attitude / behaviour / character development.
  2. Learn goal setting strategies.
  3. Improve patience.
  4. Physical Fitness.
  5. Improve confidence.
  6. Street-proofing awareness, bully-proofing and dealing with conflict.
  7. Opportunity and environment to channel energy.
  8. Self-defence and protection.
  9. To learn skills for life.
  10. To learn about themselves and over coming obstacles.

Many parents wonder when the right age is to start their child in a martial art. Here at The Legends Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team (GFTeam UK), we believe the earlier the better. It has been said that a child’s behavior is greatly impacted when they are very young and our program for children between the ages of three and five has proven to help young students in their development.

Junior BJJ Classes
Our JIU-JITSU program focuses on concentration building, bully proofing, how to deal well with others, motor skill development, life skills, character development and goal setting strategies. Our program has quick rotations so that attention span is not an issue. It is a fun and effective way for all children to learn something new. This program has a specialized belt system that helps to reward students for their daily improvements and accomplishments. Recognition is a cornerstone to anyone’s success.
In addition to the many included benefits , our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program also includes: Social Skills – An opportunity for young children to interact with other children in a positive, fun and controlled environment. Life Skills & Character Building – Message of the Week that teaches students simple lessons in character that can be applied in our school and outside our school. Reward and Recognition – Students are rewarded with TIPS, Belts and positive recognition by quality instructors and peers.

To get your child involved, CLICK HERE to Book a TRIAL or to Secure them a space.

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